European Skin Management in Oncology

Created by La Roche-Posay, the ‘ESKIMO’ group of Oncologist & Dermatologists Provide Product Recommendations for Skin during Cancer Therapy

During treatment, cancer patients often want to know how to care for and sooth skin. Many cleansers, moisturizers and makeup are inappropriate for sensitive skin damaged by radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Skin sensitivity can vary according to skin type, treatment or duration.

To help prevent the development of these skin problems, La Roche-Posay brought together a panel of dermatologists and an oncologist, specialized in treating both dermatological problems and cancer, the ESKIMO group (European SKIn Management in Oncology). The group reviewed the latest scientific data on the use of skin care and cosmetic products for patients receiving either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The ESKIMO group suggested practical recommendations for appropriate skin care products and makeup to be used during cancer therapy.