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The Skin Microbiome & Prebiotics

The secret world of bacteria on your skin

Discover the skin microbiome – the invisible community of billions of bacteria and other microbes that live on the surface of the skin. Learn how prebiotics can support this important community! ...read more

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Discover the Skin Microbiome


What is the skin microbiome?

The skin microbiome is the invisible community of microorganisms, including bacteria, found at the skin surface. Intricate and diverse, this world is unique to every person, much like our DNA. New research has uncovered that it is important to consider both the skin barrier and the microbiome. Changes in the microbiome may be linked with a disruption of skin’s natural barrier, which can cause visible signs of skin sensitivity.

Microbiome - La Roche-Posay

How can prebiotics help?

Prebiotics are nutrients for bacteria that help to create a healthy environment for the skin microbiome. These are not to be confused with probiotics – live bacteria that are used to target the gut microbiome and digestive system.

Microbiome - La Roche-Posay

Prebiotic Skin Care

Formulated with a high concentration of La Roche-Posay Prebiotic Water and other carefully selected ingredients, Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer and Lipikar Balm AP+ Body Cream have a unique prebiotic action on the microbiome and help restore healthy looking skin.
Developed with sensitive skin in mind, these formulas are developed without fragrance or parabens, are non-comedogenic, allergy and dermatologist tested.

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