Understanding the Eczema Treatment that was Prescribed to You

Understanding the Eczema Treatment that was Prescribed to You

If you or your child were diagnosed with eczema, you were most likely recommended two types of products: a corticosteroid eczema treatment cream and a moisturizer for your dry skin. Each product plays a different role in your managing eczema & dry skin.

When and why a prescription corticosteroid cream?

In the case of an eczema crisis, to fight inflammation and soothe skin as soon as possible.

Corticosteroid creams are a common eczema treatment that have anti-inflammatory properties. They should therefore be applied during eczema flare-ups to help soothe and reduce damage from scratching as soon as possible. Twice-daily application of a corticosteroid is generally recommended for successful eczema treatment.

When and why a moisturizer for dry skin?

Every day, to fight skin dryness and help restore the skin barrier.

Eczema is often associated with signs of dry skin. This can be due to a damaged barrier. It is therefore necessary to apply a moisturizer at least once or twice a day to replenish skin’s essential lipids.