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Skin aging can manifest in various forms and is one of the top concerns of American women. Discover the latest technologies with Retinol, Vitamin C or Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, designed keep your skin looking young, fresh and bright!

Dark Spots

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation are a result of melanin overproduction by melanocytes and slowing cellular renewal.


All skin can become dehydrated. This skin condition caused by a deficiency in the natural hydrating elements that are found in the upper layers of the epidermis and are responsible for retaining moisture. The skin loses too much water and becomes dehydrated.

Oily/Acne Prone

Adult acne is caused by "clogged pores" in hair follicles below the skin's surface. It occurs when uneven shedding of skin cells combines with excess sebum to form a plug, called comedone (blackhead or whitehead) in sebaceous canal of the hair follicle. This plug combines with bacteria, resulting in a pimple, or acne.


For this skin type, the blood vessels are naturally hyper-fragile. They expand and become permeable under certain internal and external conditions (emotion, food, climate, etc.) and trigger an inflammatory reaction: on the surface skin reddens, burns and tightens as the blood vessels become even more fragile.


Skin tolerance takes the form of feelings of discomfort (tightness, prickling, itching, etc.) that may be accompanied by clinical indications (redness, irritations or dry skin).

Sun Sensitive

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