Dark Spots

Dark Spots

Spot the difference with our dark spot solutions

From the age of 40, over a third of women are concerned about the appearance of visible dark spots on their face or neckline. Discover our specialists and daily skincare to help visibly improve the appearance of dark spots and even out complexion.

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Pigmentclar Cleanser
Deep Cleansing Brightening Foaming Cream

125ml /4.2 fl. oz.


Pigmentclar Serum
Visible Dark Spot Reducer

30ml /1.01 FL. OZ.


Mela-D Pigment Control
Concentrated Serum with glycolic acid

30ml /1.01 fl. oz.


Pigmentclar Moisturizer
Dark Spot Daily Moisturizer

30ml /1.01 FL. OZ.